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Irish Draught Horses at Ballycroy is a small breeding establishment located just north of Toronto in southern Ontario. We have a twofold committment to the breed: CONSERVATION and PROMOTION.


The world-wide herd of purebred stallions and mares numbers less than 2000. Most rare-breed organizations list the Irish Draught Horse's survival status as "critical". The situation in North America is even more desperate because the breed was only introduced to this continent in the early 1990s. With our small breeding program, we hope to do our part to ensure the continuation and enjoyment of this wonderful horse.
irish draught horses
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We believe that the contribution of the purebred Irish Draught Horse is essential to the performance horse of today. Bred for over a century to be hardy and versatile, the Irish Draught possesses the courage and athleticism needed for horses competing in all disciplines, whether it be for the amateur or the professional at FEI levels. We are also very much aware of the increasing level of inbreeding in the global herd. Our breeding decisions are always based on an attempt to create greater genetic diversity. Derranagarra Laragh is a complete outcross and we hope to create more for the North American herd.

We invite you to meet our horses.
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